Our Fees

The Doctors Mackay can offer patient simple and affordable billing.

Fees and Rebates*

$90.00 (Medicare Rebate $41.20)

$150.00 (Medicare Rebate $79.70) 

$175.00 ( Medicare Rebate $79.70) 

$250.00 ( Medicare Rebate 117.40)

Please book a long appointment with your doctor for these consultations.

Mental Health Consultation:                         $150.00

Mental Health Care Plan (<40 minutes).     $175.00

Mental Health Care Plan >40 Minutes)        $250.00

Standard (up to 20mins)       $100.00

Long (> 20 mins)                      $150.00

Prolonged ( > 40 mins)           $250.00

Make Sure you have a valid card.

Standard: $80  

Long: $130   

Prolonged: $165

FEES & Medicare Rebates

We pride ourself for offering high quality care at affordable prices. We are a Mixed Billing Practice.

Bulk Billing Consultations * (Excludes after hours appointments)  offered for 75 years & over, plus Children Under 15 Years.

*Please be aware Doctors are not obliged to bulk bill.  Billings are at the Doctor’s discretion (not the receptionist).

Note: Dr. Katarina Akram DOES NOT bulk bill any patients. These are our Standard Fees (from Monday-Friday).

Concession Card Holders

Patients with Eligible Concession Cards will have fees discounted*   Please ask our Reception staff if you have questions** *Concession discounts DO NOT apply to after hours appointments or mental health appointments. **Please be aware Doctors are not obliged to bulk bill. Billings are at the Doctor’s discretion)


Attracts same fees as Standard consultations if over the phone. Video consultations- please enquire at the time of booking.

Script Fees

We charge a Script Fee of $30 for script requests without an appointment: $30 This includes lost scripts, expired scripts, and webster pack scripts. Pt must have been seen in the surgery in the last 3 months. This is not a same day service. Please allow 48 hours – keeping in mind your doctor’s consulting days.

After Hours

We understand life is busy & we offer after hours appointments on Thursday Evening, Saturday morning and some Public holidays. Note:  There is NO Discount, NO bulk billing & NO direct billing to DVA during after hours appointments. You will still get the standard Medicare Rebate.


Most  paperwork will attract fees. All paperwork filled out by your doctor is to be handed to reception for scanning. Please ask our receptionist if you have any questions.

Bulk Billing

Bulk bill rates are the REBATES paid by Medicare TO the patient to see their doctor. Bulk billing means that the practice has accepted to be paid directly by Medicare, on behalf of the patient. Medicare only pays the REBATE amount as set by Medicare and NOT THE FULL fees. The remaining amount is the GAP to be paid by the patient to the practice. Unfortunately Medicare has not kept up with the inflation which has led to increase in the Gap fees. Note that some consultations such as occupational and Workcover consultations are NOT COVERED AT ALL by Medicare and will need to be paid FULLY by the patient at the time of consultation.

The Doctors Mackay bulk bills all children under 15 years and elderly patients 75 years and above for standard consultations . We also bulk bill Chronic disease care plans, Diabetes care plans and over 75 years Health Assessments.

There will be NO bulk billing on weekends, public holidays and after hour visits.

We are not able to bulk bill EVERYTHING as Medicare rebates are well below the recommended rates (WELL under 50% of recommended rate) and is not enough to run the practice as a small business. Your Gap covers the staff salary, rents, insurance and various services needed to keep the business open.

We value your time and our doctors’ time who would spend as much time as needed to provide an EXCELLENT and HIGH QUALITY care to you.

We do offer same day appointments for urgent conditions and children.

We also offer Telehealth and video appointments if you are remote and cannot always visit the practice.